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Radio 88 Castlemaine
We’re a little different to the radio stations you may be used to. We operate on what is called an LPON licence; Low Power Open Narrowcast. LPON means what it sounds like – Low Powered equals 1 watt. Our coverage is therefore restricted to a smallish area, most of Castlemaine and parts of the edges of town, as well as the internet

Our presenters, advertisers and technical support are all local. Radio 88fm is here for you.

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Title: Radio88FM
Description: Easy listening
Genre: Rock
Bitrate: 128

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Our main Producers/ Owners are Ian Braybook and Marilyn Bennett. Both have an extensive history in Media and community radio. Ians in his 80s and Marilyn her 70s. They are public spirited and passionate about issues to do with Seniors.
Our goal is to have easy listening varied music and community information

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